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The Shift of a Gift Feb 16, 2022


I have a lot of warm socks. But this pair is different from all the others in my drawer because it was knitted for me as a gift from a student.
Isn’t it true that when you receive something as a gift you have a different relationship with it than a similar item that you’ve paid for? 
In her insightful and heartening book, Braiding Sweetgrass, indigenous scientist Robin Wall Kimmerer writes about her experience of picking wild strawberries from the field as a young girl and considering them gifts from nature. She recalls how different and odd it felt when she saw the same type of strawberries for sale at the market. 
Although yoga...

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How (and Why) to Cultivate Compassion When You’re Not Feelin' it Feb 09, 2022


Last week I shared the experience of radical compassion arising unbidden. Several readers wrote and told me that they too, have experienced spontaneous feelings of tenderness, warmth, beauty, and love at times. It’s always encouraging, I think, to hear your experiences in yoga, or those that come because of your practice, echoed by fellow seekers.

Perhaps more common than my “compassion bomb” experience, though, are the inner obstacles we all face to viewing the world, ourselves, and others compassionately. The yoga tradition tells us that aversion, which takes the form of judgement, fear, anger, and other divisive feelings, often gets in the way of acknowledging...

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Compassion Bomb Feb 02, 2022


Compassion Bomb: A sudden explosion of awareness of and empathy for the suffering of humanity that results in a genuine desire to express goodwill and love.

It happened to me last Monday. I was spending the afternoon at a mall while my phone got repaired. I sat down on a bench to eat my burrito and began one of my favorite mall activities—people watching. As I observed the other shoppers walking by, who were few and far between that day, my first thought was, ‘So, this is who else goes to the mall on a freezing cold Monday afternoon.’

But as I continued to watch everyone, wearing masks as well as their bulkiest and warmest winter gear, I became quiet and started...

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Remembering Thich Nhat Hanh Jan 26, 2022


To be beautiful means to be yourself.

You don’t need to be accepted by others.

You need to accept yourself.


– Thich Nhat Hanh


Like many of you perhaps, I have been contemplating the teachings and impact of Thich Nhat Hanh, the beloved Vietnamese Buddhist Master, since his passing last week.

 His book Peace is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life was the first spiritual book I bought in the early 90s when I was about 21. Shortly after I read it, I went to see him speak at Riverside Church on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where I lived at the time. Riverside Church is so enormous it’s more like a Gothic cathedral than a...

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The Mundane and the Mystical Jan 19, 2022


It was four years ago this week that I got the call that my father, who was 84 and had been suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, had passed away. I got in the car right away and drove to my parents’ home on Long Island.
That same night, the rabbi who was to speak at his funeral shared his view about what happens to the soul after death. He likened it to being in a limousine with darkened windows. The person inside the car can see out, but those on the outside can’t see in. The departed soul, he explained, is just on the other side of the window. We can’t see them, but they are so close. This was my experience of my father in the days following his...

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Keep on Rolling Jan 12, 2022


The dharmachakra, or wheel of dharma, is one of the most ancient symbols in Indian culture and one of the most well-known and important in the Buddhist tradition. Its even an emoji .
Dharma comes from the Sanskrit root dhr, meaning “that which upholds.” It’s often translated as right action or sacred duty.
Chakra means “wheel”. Here, the term has nothing to do with the energy centers in the subtle body.
The oldest known depictions of the dharmachakra are solar symbols that appear frequently on the clay seals of the Indus valley civilization dating back to 2500 BCE. 

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The Yoga in Front of You Jan 05, 2022


Since you, like me, always have been and always will be,
now ease into your dharma
and be that which you must be for this time
and this place right now.

- Author Unknown
This short poem expresses the essence of the teachings in chapter two of the  Bhagavad Gita. It speaks to the paradoxical understanding of the human being in yoga as an embodied spirit, a timeless, transcendent essence bound up in the manifest world of time and place, name and form.
Maybe right now isn’t the time for grand visioning or laying out big plans. Maybe it’s a time to focus on what’s right before you, to put one foot in front of the...

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Returning Dec 29, 2021


What I needed this morning is always what I need after a few days of holiday – the time and space to come back to myself and draw back into my inner life. 
For me, this comes through silent reflection and writing.
I was only too happy to wake up (no alarm clock) before anyone else in the house, to sit and journal about what I want to remember as I head into 2022 (it’s a fruitful journaling prompt if you’re so inclined.)
Some would call this “me time,” but it’s more than that.
It’s a way of resetting, recalibrating, and regrouping.
Quietude is what allows us to return to ourselves and re-establish the...

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Instant Comfort Dec 15, 2021


Sometimes you get a kitchen gadget that goes straight into storage after few weeks, rarely to be used again. Other times, you get a tool that proves to be something you can’t imagine living without.

We love dhal, especially in the winter. It’s a nourishing, comforting meal that costs pennies to make.

How do we make our perfect dhal repeatedly, easefully, and quickly?

The Instant Pot. If there’s one small appliance that has changed our lives for the better, it’s this one. With the money we save making big batches of soup, the Instant Pot quickly paid for itself.

More recently, my husband perfected this sticky rice.

You might find, like we did, that...

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Our Simple Instant Pot Dhal Recipe Dec 15, 2021


Step 1: Soak 2 cups of red lentils (Masoor dhal), ideally few hours, but a last-minute soaking of 30-45 minutes also works fine.


Step 2: Prepare your ingredients

1 Tbl. Black mustard seeds

1 Tbl. Coriander seeds

1 Tbl. Cumin seeds

1 tsp. Black peppercorns

3 pods cardamom

A bit of turmeric

Reduce everything to a powder in a dry blender or grinder. This is your masala, or spice mixture.


Prepare the other components:

Chop 1 onion

Dice 3 cloves of garlic

Mince 2 inches of Ginger

Get a 796 ml (28oz) can of crushed or pureed tomatoes (even diced tomatoes are fine, it will change the texture of the dhal)

Optional: chop another vegetables of your choice: celery, carrots, etc....

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