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The Savasana Solution

Aug 18, 2021

It’s the a-ha that answers the question we have been asking ourselves.

It’s the bright idea that floats effortlessly to the surface of our awareness.

It’s the creative solution to a problem that arises seemingly out of nowhere.

How many times have we heard or experienced this? The answers we seek come after we have let go of all effort.

Psychologists might give one explanation for this, productivity specialists another. But yoga has a particular take on how this phenomenon works.

In yoga, our mind is seen not only as our faculties of questioning, thinking, analyzing, reasoning, ruminating, and so on. Yoga recognizes there is also an aspect of our mind that's a conduit for our inner wisdom.
When we disengage from solution-seeking part of our mind, the busyness of our mental chatter settles. Internal space clears. Then, as if silently summoned from the depths of our being, the voice of deep knowing can emerge, precisely because we have made...

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OnĀ Gratitude

Aug 11, 2021

How about including your body?

It’s your vehicle, your instrument, the house of your spirit, the sacred vessel of consciousness and the living, breathing miracle of your existence on this earth.

Amidst the aches and pains you might be experiencing, consider the thousands of things that go right to make it possible for you to get out of bed in the morning.

How would it feel if, for just a moment, we could aside our judgments and complaints, and thank this body for its immense and unceasing efforts in service to all we do? 

Then, if you wish to go a step further, consider who is doing the thanking.



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What is it about light?

Aug 04, 2021


There’s something about sunlight.

I don’t pretend to understand exactly what. But somewhere in me I know. Somewhere in all of us, I think we all know.

We know when we watch the way sunlight dances across the surface of a lake, or shimmers on a wet leaf, or casts golden shadows on the urban landscape. We know when we watch the sun rise and set.

We know that there’s magic there, undeniable beauty, and power.

Light heals, repairs, and nourishes.

It’s in high summer here in the Northern hemisphere, but wherever you live, it’s a great day to receive the power of light, even for just a moment.

Allow it to soften the hard edges, to soothe you, and dissolve the some of your separateness. Allow it to open you to the possibility of wholeness.



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Hatha Yoga, Schmata Yoga

Jul 28, 2021


A meditation master once taught:

Hatha Yoga, Schmata* Yoga. Even an elephant can stand on his front legs, but is your inner courtyard filled with the fragrance of your own love?

(*Schmata is the Yiddish word for a rag or old, ragged clothing)

It’s a question I come back to again and again: What makes postural practice more than physical exercise, even when done with mindful awareness, conscious breathing, and good alignment?

And the answer keeps coming back: it’s the context we give it, the intention behind it, and the inner trajectory it moves us in that brings asana into the realm of spiritual practice and part of a larger path of personal growth.

All we do on our mats - the one-pointedness we nurture, the agility we engender, the vitality we increase, and even the more subtle awareness we cultivate – must be placed in service to our own evolution and becoming a stronger force for love and goodness in the world for it to be yoga.


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You are What You Integrate

Jul 21, 2021


According to Ayurveda, you aren’t what you eat, you’re what you digest.

It’s true with food and it’s also true with yoga.

Like digesting a meal, assimilation in yoga is about extracting the nourishment you receive from your practices. Assimilation allows the imprint and impact of the practices to settle into the fabric of your being - mind, body, and spirit - and become part of you. It's how integration happens.

Among the possibilities for assimilating the effects of your practice are:

- Resting in Savasana or another supported, fully relaxing pose

- Articulating your experiences through writing, drawing, or another creative medium

- Sharing your insights with others

- Reflecting while being in nature

What are your favorite ways to assimilate your yoga?



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Getting Aligned

Jul 14, 2021


Much of the conversation about postural alignment in yoga revolves around cues, biomechanics, evidence-based theories of movement, and evolving perceptions of healthy movement patterns that could apply to many different physical disciplines.

But of course, what makes yoga, yoga, is the understanding that the physical body is only one part of who we are. And that’s what’s missing from many of these discussions in my view. When we treat alignment as purely biomechanical, we overlook the fundamental yogic understanding that we are more than just the body.

There are different models of the human being in the yoga tradition. What they all have in common is the understanding that we’re composed of a series of interpenetrating, intercommunicating layers both gross and subtle.

These include our anatomy, physiology, breath, the energetic and elemental forces of the subtle body, the workings of our minds and emotions, not to mention the universal consciousness at...

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Renew, Renew, Renew

Jul 08, 2021


A few months ago, I was invited by a media outlet to share an excerpt from my book that I felt was particularly fitting for this time. There were several that felt pertinent, but none more so than Chapter 9: Renew Yourself.

After what we’ve lived through over the past year and a half, renewal is so important right now, both for yourself and others. Even as (or maybe because) many parts of the world are starting to open, you might feel understandably confused, challenged, or just plain tired.  

It's time to remember what you’ve been learning and hearing in yoga for years, maybe even decades: The only true and lasting source of renewal is found right inside yourself.

It doesn’t need to be through restorative yoga, per se. It doesn’t even need to be through a formal practice. There are so many ways to touch the space of renewal.

Being in nature, cooking, gardening, being with your pets or plants, being in community, being in silence, walking,...

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The Nostalgia Problem

Jun 30, 2021


June can be a nostalgia-inducing month for parents because of transitions like the end of the school year and the start of summer vacation. 

Turning points like graduations, weddings, and in my case my 14 year-old’s birthday and her first summer job, can also pull me into wistful memories of childhood (hers and mine) at this time of year.

I have mixed feelings about nostalgia.

On the one hand, it’s an attractive place to hang out. It can be comfortable to reminisce about sweet memories, life-defining moments, and experiences that have shaped who we’ve become.

At the same time, nostalgia is inherently problematic because it’s a state of longing for what was and is no longer. It’s defined as "homesickness," a “sentimental yearning for a return to the past.” 

It’s a type of memory that can cause us to remain stuck in our limited identity as defined by our childhood, culture, and family.

While yoga beckons us to create ourselves...

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The Lady of Light

Jun 23, 2021


Dawn arrives, shining like a lady of light
stirring all creatures to life….
Dawn’s light breaks the shadows.
Her face turned to all things across the wide world,
she rises in splendor, enwrapped in bright clothes.
Shining in golden colors, dressed in rays of light,
she guides forth the day…. 
-Rig Veda, 7.77.1-1 (translation: Prof. William K. Mahony)

The Vedic poets heralded the dawn as a lady of light. For me, this image evokes the majesty of the sunrise, and metaphorically, the dawning of the inner light of wisdom and understanding.
The nature of sunlight is to reveal what’s been hidden in darkness. Likewise, the awakening of self-knowledge brings awareness and clear vision. 

Lately, I’ve heard people dismissing the concept of light as a bypass mechanism, expressing the sentiment that ‘love and light’ are not substitutes for the concrete action needed to address the formidable challenges we face. I can...

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Destination: Wholeness

Jun 16, 2021

I love this painting by my friend, James Anaya Fishman. To me, it expresses the complexity of our human experience and our capacity to embrace the whole spectrum of it.

Integrating all the pieces and parts of myself - the messy and the beautiful, the strong and the vulnerable, the mundane and the sacred - is such a valuable part of what my yoga practice is about.

Yoga gives me tools to address the fullness of who I am, to penetrate the depths of my inner being and to process the outer story of my life. It offers me a place to settle, to process, and to heal.

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that every part of myself benefits when held up to the light of yogic wisdom and practice.

The core teaching of all traditions and paths of yoga is that within each human being lives an unchanging essence, a place of abiding presence that is our truest home because the fullness of who we are is welcome there.

Like a welcoming home, when we experience this place within, we know...

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