Published Articles & Media


Interview at Daytime Ottawa

 - Rogers TV,  September 2019

"Welcome to Yoga! 10 Tips for Beginning Yogis"

Yogapedia, August 2019 

"Yoga Can't Cure Your Back Pain!"

Yogapedia, June 2019 

"Yoga for Hiking"

Journal Le Tour, Summer 2019 

"5 Tips to Reignite Your Yoga Practice"

- Journal Le Tour, Spring 2019 

Global News Interview with Kim Sullivan

- Global News Morning May 2019

"Our Montreal with Sonali Karnick" interviews Barrie Risman

CBC Montreal May 2019

"Seasons of Sadhana"

- The Yogapedia Podcast May 2019

"Episode 31: Barrie Risman"

- The Spiritbros Podcast

"All in a Weekend": Taking your yoga beyond the mat"

CBC Radio One, April 2019

"Awaken to Spring with Two Invigorating Breathing Practices"

- LOLE Women

"7 Simple Principles to Fix Many, if not Most, Common Asana Mistakes"

- Yogapedia, March 2019 

"Are Yoga Retreats Worth It? 5 Practitionners Share Their Experience"

- Happily Globalized March 2019

“Yoga for Self-Love: Tapping into Your Heart Chakra”

- Yogapedia, February 2019

“Bend Without Breaking: 10 Yoga Poses to Increase Flexibility in Body, Mind, and Spirit”

- Yogapedia, February 2019

“There's Another Yoga World Out There and I Just Found It”

- Yogapedia, December 2018

“A Skillful Yogi”

- The Spiritbros Podcast, September 2018

“No Guru, No Problem”

- Journey to There Podcast, May 2018

“Evolving Your Studenship + Teaching” with Barrie Risman, co-director of World Spine Care Yoga Project.

- Intelligent Edge Podcast, January 2018

“Yoga: Approfondir sa pratique”

- LaPresse+, August 23, 2017

“How Yoga Made me a Better Jew”

- Elephant Journal, June 10, 2017

“Proof that Yoga is much more than Asanas”

- Elephant Journal, October 16, 2016

“Yoga Interwoven: Barrie Risman”

- Saint-Lambert Express, May 2012



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