Why Yoga Philosophy?

Sep 07, 2022


Over the years, I’ve observed two common misconceptions practitioners have about yoga philosophy that Prof. Bill Mahony pinpointed in a recent conversation:

One is, “it’s not for me.” We might feel that yoga philosophy is too hard to understand, too foreign, too old, or too removed from our current context to be applicable to our lives.

The other, kind of the opposite, is a “been there, done that” attitude. We might have learned a little bit about yoga philosophy and concluded we already know it and therefore, there’s nothing left for us to learn.

In my experience, both are unfortunate, because they keep us from availing ourselves of the brilliant, exceedingly relevant, and timeless wisdom at the heart of the yoga tradition, especially at a time when it’s so needed.

Like the experience of beauty, yoga philosophy adds texture, richness, and subtlety to our lives. It encourages us, affirms the inherent dignity of human life, offers us a vision of hope and possibility, and provides practical guidance for living with purpose.

In this brand-new interview recorded last week, Bill and I discuss the pivotal role of philosophy in yogic life. With his characteristic warmth and sincerity, Bill speaks beautifully about how yoga philosophy can support you right now. If you can swing it, I think it's definitely worth 20 minutes of your time.



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