What do Making Soup And Working Your Feet Have in Common?

Oct 20, 2016


Like cooking a hearty soup in autumn, working your feet is, of course, grounding. And, you'll likely feel a happy resonance of waking up your feet right up into your hips and pelvis. This week, I'm sharing a few favourite Vajrasana variations for enlivening up your feet and ankles. Try this 8-minute sequence at the beginning of a practice and see how it changes your standing poses, and your inversions too.

Be forewarned that these fall into the somewhat-intense-in-a-delicious-way category, if you get my drift. And, as usual, always modify and adjust as appropriate for you.

See this post from last year for a primer on working your feet in standing postures.

Calling all teachers: The next session of my online mentoring program begins October 31st (spooky, I know). It's a rare opportunity to dive into wisdom of yoga with a group of engaged, curious and collegial teachers. This time around, we'll be using the essays in Light on Life by BKS Iyengar as an entry into exploring some of the core teachings of our tradition. I hope you'll consider joining us. 

Proof that Yoga is so much more than Asanas
The World Spine Care Yoga Project was featured in Elephant Journal this week! I'm so proud of the work we are doing to bring yoga to underserved communities. Here is a recent webinar I did with co-creator Erin Moon about the project:

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