Your Yoga Golden Age

May 18, 2019

Every astrologer whose ever read my chart has told me I have the chart of a teacher, there’s no getting around it. Yet, I’ve also ALWAYS seen myself as just as much a community leader as a yoga teacher. It’s a role I love and take to heart because it’s crucial. It’s been critically important for me, and to those I serve. We all need to feel heard, seen, acknowledged, and supported in order to thrive in ANY area of our lives.

In my online program, participants have been reflecting on their yoga stories, recounting the trajectory of their practice from the time they first started until now.

When I hear the stories of these longtime practitioners, one thing I see again and again is that many of us have had a GOLDEN AGE in yoga. A period when our practice flourished when we fell in love with yoga as OUR path, got lit up about the possibilities it unfolded for us and made breakthroughs. For some, this was during teacher training, for others it was as part of an intensive or residential program. Overwhelmingly though, these “big gains” were not made in isolation. Times when we dove deep happened when we were as part of a GROUP, a COMMUNITY, a TRIBE.

As we remember our stories, we might also discover that we were part of a thriving, in-person yoga community that was precious to us, and that doesn’t exist anymore.

We feel that loss, we feel the LACK of support. We miss it.
And there’s a good reason for this:
In yoga, a community is not just something nice to have when it happens, 
It’s PART of the practice,
It’s actually how we are MEANT to do yoga: In the good company of others, with the support of well-wishers cheering us on.

The simple presence of others who are walking the same path with the same commitment to integrity and authentic, positive growth is not only supportive and encouraging, it is vital.

I’m talking about people we may not even know very well PERSONALLY,
But who are there for the same reasons we are,
Who are, like us, are taking the next step on their journey toward being a more compassionate presence in the world, toward living a more conscious and purposeful life.

It’s a fascinating paradox actually,
Ultimately, the journey of yoga - the most intimate, deeply personal reunion with our truest selves - takes place in the privacy of our own hearts. 

AND, we do it most effectively in the presence of others, where we have the boon of being seen and supported.
PEOPLE WHO WILL NOT REQUIRE US TO BE LIKE THEM, but people who will see us for who we are.

The awesome thing is, we no longer have to let geography limit us in finding this community.

I’m having a blast creating an online community of teachers and continuing students, and the engagement is stunning. People are reaching out and contributing in powerful ways. We’re sharing experiences and insights, asking questions about practice and wisdom. We’re coming together as a group of like-minded teachers and continuing students in a respectful, honest forum that will continue to expand and grow because as teachers, as students on the path, we need it.

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