Your Yoga Golden Age

Mar 20, 2024


The Timex Ironman is the ideal watch for yoga. I’ve owned at least a dozen. 

With its repeat timer for holding poses and the subtle glow of its blue light for knowing when to lead students out of Savasana, it has been my loyal companion for decades.

While I now use my smartphone for these things, I haven’t relinquished my trusted Ironman either.

It’s a valued reminder of the many seasons of my yoga journey and the depth I’ve cultivated over time. It brings me back to the days of intensified personal practice and cherished memories of in-person yoga communities.

For those of us who’ve been traversing the path of yoga for some time, we have what I like to call “golden ages” – times when our practice flourishes, deepens, and becomes more personally meaningful.

These periods often coincide with significant milestones such as completing a teacher training, overcoming an injury or challenge that transformed your relationship with yoga, immersing yourself in a yoga community, studying with a particular teacher, focusing on a specific text, or experiencing a spiritual awakening.

Reflecting on these pivotal moments isn’t just about nostalgia; it serves to inspire and fuel your passion for practice.

By acknowledging these landmarks, you keep them alive so you can draw on them for encouragement. Each time you return to your mat, you step onto the path you’ve forged once again. This continuity gives depth and dimension to your practice over time.

Your golden age reminds you that your yoga journey is an ongoing evolution. Each past effort shapes who you are today, and what you do now lays the groundwork for who you’ll become tomorrow.

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