Your Roots are Showing

Apr 23, 2020


First world hair problems aside, much more than our grey is being revealed right now.

In this time of all being laid bare, one thing that becomes clear for all of us I think, is:

Where we turn for inspiration when life feels hard and scary. 
Where we look for guidance, comfort, and meaning when we’re unclear and uncertain. 

Where we find stability when the ground beneath us feels shaky.

For yogis, I’m not sure we really need to look anywhere new or different. In fact, we already have a foundation of understanding that’s tailor made to help us make sense of uncertainty, to hold us steady in adversity, to anchor us in an unchanging, underlying ground of our own being.

To say this time has felt heavy, dark, scary, and unknown is not an understatement. Yes, it has and it does.

The yoga tradition is there for us. The efforts we’ve made and the fruits of those efforts are there for us.

This is a time for us to get anchored in what we already know works, in what we already have faith in because it’s proven true in our experience.

The teachings and practices are there to bring us solace, to provide guidance, and comfort. 

Do what you’ve always done. Do what you know. 

Practice your old standbys.

Put your body into those familiar shapes you know do you a world of good and find refuge there.

Remember what led you to yoga and why you fell in love with it in the first place, revisit your initial longing and realize that this moment is yet another opportunity to get anchored in what you trust.

Go back to your roots and find the new openings that are waiting for you there.

We’re together this in many ways, but none moreso than in the space of yoga.


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