Your Bedrock

Nov 19, 2020


I recently had a visceral experience of the effects of ungrounded-ness on the treadmill the other day. Just as I was ramping up my speed and incline, ready to go for it, the machine suddenly hesitated, just a teeny bit.

But this tiny hiccup through me off completely. I went from feeling free and powerful in my stride to cautious, wary, and unsure. My body went from being ready to launch forward full steam ahead to hesitating and holding back so I wouldn’t fall.

This little incident made me aware of how even the slightest uncertainty about the ground beneath us can have a big impact on our momentum. It reiterated how important a steady, reliable support is in order to move forward fully and fearlessly into the world. I felt how a deep-seated feeling of trust is essential to reaching our full stride and how even the slightest shakeup can cause ripples of doubt and fear in our being.

Every parent knows this, right? Our role is largely to provide the secure container from which our little ones feel safe to grow wings and fly with independence and freedom.

Consider the feeling of trust in your body.

Right now, release the weight of your lower body into whatever you’re standing or sitting on. Feel the heaviness of your base.

How does it feel to release into the support beneath you with a feeling of full trust?

How does this allow for greater freedom in your body, your breath, your mind?

While we can’t control the outer uncertainty that might come into our day and our lives, yoga offers us a pathway back to a firm, unshakeable bedrock within our being. One we can trust to be there every time we turn to it.


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