Yoga Teachers: What do You Tell Students Who Say They're Too Busy For Yoga?

Jul 14, 2018


As yoga teachers, we’re experts in offering the best of ourselves to our students. As mothers, daughters, sisters and wives, we know how to be there for our families.

Most of us are really, really good at taking care of others, supporting those we love and serve with our positive energy and the wisdom gained from our study and learning.

Yet, as we all well know, it can be harder to turn the tables and direct that love right back toward our selves. Don’t we see this dynamic not only in our lives but in the lives of our students? How easy, almost automatic it is to think that taking care of our bodies, minds and spirits is something that can (or even has to) wait until AFTER we’ve taken care of everyone else?

How do you respond when you see this attitude in your students?

When you observe your students running themselves ragged, or getting “too busy” for yoga, when they tell you they just have too much going on to show up for class, what do you tell them?

I bet it’s something along these lines:

"I get it. I’ve been there. And here’s what I’ve learned: THIS is when you need yoga the most."

When you make the space and time for your own nourishment, upliftment and rejuvenation, you remember how ESSENTIAL it is to serve from a full bowl, how smart it is to PRIORITIZE your own well being so you can serve the well being of those around you, how necessary it is to spend time going deep into your practices so you can guide others to do the same.

And, when you DO make that choice, aren’t you are EVER so grateful to yourself that you did?

As many of us have learned the hard way, it’s actually not even a CHOICE, because NOT taking time for ourselves is simply not sustainable.

As women, as teachers, as students, we need to carve out the dedicated, focused time to dive deep, to restore joy, to rekindle the spark of yoga. This is how we go from DOING yoga to BEING yoga. Again, and again, and again.

We have an incredible, seasoned group of women coming together next month for a deep dive into practices and wisdom. There are a few spaces left to join our sacred circle. 

Message me for details.

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