Yes, You're Still Here (and Yoga is too)

Jan 28, 2021


This year marks 29 years of yoga practice for me. My practice has taken on many different forms and phases over this time. I’ve experienced seasons of rich expansion and weathered plenty of dry seasons too.

There have been times when I’ve had the luxury of practicing 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. And other times when I considered paying attention to my breath as I did the dishes my “practice” for the day.

But one thing I can say is that I’ve continued. Despite all the times I’ve been distracted, disconnected, unavailable, or simply uninterested, I’m still here. 

This is why I know that yoga will always be there for me in some form. The past 29 years have taught me that I can count on myself to continue to show up. That feels like something to celebrate.

You can look at your practice from another angle too: How yoga has accompanied you through your life.

Don't forget that all the while you were taking classes, learning, practicing, taking trainings, retreats, and workshops, the rest of your life was happening too.

Work, family, relationships, health issues, travel, ALL of it was going on alongside your yoga.

How has yoga accompanied you through life? What have the challenges been?

More importantly, though, reflect on and acknowledge the simple fact that you’ve continued. Really feel it, the strength and power in that, the resilience (and probably humility) it took, the commitment it shows.

You’ve brought yourself back. You’ve evolved and adapted your practice to serve you through different seasons of your life, through changing needs and circumstances. You’re still here, and yoga is too.


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