Word Power

Dec 01, 2021


Just thinking about an upcoming dental appointment is making my jaw clench. While that may not come as a surprise, it’s fascinating when you think about it, isn’t it?

In Nondual Tantric philosophy, the power of language is known as Matrika Shakti. One of the interpretations of Matrika is “Little mothers.”
The letters of the alphabet give birth to words. Words give birth to meaning. Meaning gives birth to thoughts, associations, concepts, images. All this creates our reality. It’s happening nonstop, all the time.
To begin to get a sense of this incredible power at work and glimpse the immense creative power your words hold, just watch this simple, yet awe-inspiring process.
See if you can slow down enough to become aware of what you are thinking. Then, identify the words (spoken or unspoken) that give form to those thoughts. Finally, notice how this affects your body, your mood, and your outlook. 



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