Why I Love Triangle Pose

Jun 08, 2022


Maybe it’s the strength it builds in the legs, or the familiarity of the form, or the sturdiness of the shape itself - or perhaps it’s all of those things - that make Trikonasana a pose I come back to time and again.  
Entering Triangle pose is like setting out for a hike on a familiar trail. I know the terrain well. I also know my experience will be different every time, because I’m never the same. I’ve probably practiced this pose more than a thousand times. Each time is unique if I’m paying attention.   
Stepping my feet apart, I stand firmly in the triangle formed by my legs and the earth as I prepare. I pivot my feet, rotate my legs, and gently firm muscle to bone. Breathing in, the solidity of my legs and feet supports me to lift and open my chest buoyantly. Breathing out, I lengthen my torso over the leg to take the shape of the pose. 
It doesn’t matter how far down my hand reaches, I’m primarily concerned with the deeper work of organizing my pelvis, legs, torso, and spine. The expression of the pose through the periphery of the wrists, hands, neck, and head comes later. 
I dance with the contrary complementary forces at play in the pose: stability and freedom, structure and space, engagement and extension.
I observe how the grounding of the lower body allows for greater freedom in the torso, which consequently provides more space for the spine to lengthen, the abdomen to twist, and the chest to expand and broaden. 
As I release the pose, the energy in my lower body, the aliveness along the length of my spine and the opening in my chest continue to resonate. So do the mental imprints of the pose – greater presence of mind, a sense of grounded self-confidence, composure, and clarity. I am rearranged for the better.
It’s a reminder of how working with the body - even for just a few minutes - can powerfully affect the mind and, in turn, impact how we show up for ourselves and others. 



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