Where There is Dharma There is Victory (Let's Hope So)

Jul 07, 2018

I was talking with a few other teachers recently about showing up for class on days when we are totally not feeling it.

I could relate. Hasn’t it happened to all of us?

Maybe someone in our family isn’t well, maybe we’ve got a ton of other things that need attending to, maybe we are just plain uninspired. For whatever reason, or for myriad reasons, we just Do. Not. Feel. Like. Teaching. Today.


Here’s the thing:
One in our group said that when she takes her seat something begins to shift. Effortlessly. The class comes into existence and honoring her role as teacher completely changes her state. As she steps into the stream of her dharma the teaching not only happens, it’s often even better than usual. She’s in flow, effortlessly serving in the energy of the moment. Have you ever experienced this? 

In almost 20 years of teaching, the class I taught on the morning of November 9, 2016 was one of the hardest. I was in shock, fearful, I felt I had nothing to offer, no inspiration. None. But taking my seat, tuning in, I was not only able to serve my people, but to create a space of comfort and support that was a lifesaver for me that day, perhaps even more so than for my students. I don’t pretend it was only me, but my willingness to honor my role even when it felt really challenging definitely played a part.

I believe that when we’re fulfilling the responsibilities set forth by the roles we’ve taken on, dharma, righteousness, steps in to support us. When we are doing what we’re meant to be doing, I believe it IS the right thing, even when it doesn’t feel easy, or comfortable, or we don’t feel up to it. We’re learning the lessons we are meant to be learning, letting go of what we need to let go of in order to serve our soul’s evolution. When we’re performing the right actions, it IS victorious, regardless of how it looks to the world,

I believe that where there is dharma, there is victory.
I believe that light will triumph over darkness, that love will win the day. Eventually.
I believe that goodness will prevail.
I believe all this not because it’s easy or convenient, but because I CHOOSE to believe it.

But this choice takes work. It needs to restored and refreshed daily. This is where yoga comes in. This is why we need our practices now more than ever.

Hope and faith in the future is easier to sustain in community. This is why we need connection.

We’re building an online community of yoga teachers and students dedicated to upholding faith in humanity, in restoring trust in goodness, in shining their light to support their communities.

If you’re one of us, we’d love to have you.


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