What's Your Meta Goal for 2020?

Jan 03, 2020


Happy New Year 2020!
Usually at the beginning of a new year I LOVE to create my goals, intentions, and visions for the coming months.

Like many of us I’m sure, I’ve been working on these over the past few days.

But something feels a little different this year.

I haven’t felt as strongly about all this as I have in past years. Until yesterday I wasn’t quite able to put my finger on it.

Today it feels clear.

What about the unexpected? The surprises? The gifts? The opportunities not yet known? The mystery and the magic?

I want to leave space for all of this in my life. Yes, I have goals and intentions. I plan to do my best to work toward them.

But I’m also really wanting to be able to let go at the end of the day, to empty out, to rest, to attune to the space beneath and beyond my personal desires and effort.

I want this year to be less about micromanaging my reality and more about dancing with it day by day.

I want to stay open to see what else, besides what I think I want, might be available, might be inviting me in.

To me, this is the meta goal, the one that holds all the others. It feels right. And enticing.

It all comes back to the basic teaching at the heart of our tradition:
Do your best, and then let go.

Self-effort coupled with the power of grace.
Skill in action.

That feels like a worthy goal to me.

=> How does it resonate for you?

Sending you all my best wishes for the year ahead.

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