What If...

Aug 13, 2018

✨What if I KNEW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that EVERYTHING in my life was unfolding exactly how it was meant to be?

✨What if I had FIRM CONVICTION in the perfection of my life, right here, right now?

Now, I’m not saying there are not things that need to change, or areas that must evolve and shift. Not that there aren’t actions I need to take to encourage that change, evolution, and shift.

But, how would beginning from that place of unconditional acceptance change how I felt and acted? How I approached unease, difficulty, and pain?

I journalled here yesterday about some of those questions. Like many of us, I’m feeling the intensity of these times. 

Maybe it’s the complex planetary movements, maybe it’s grieving for losses in my own life own life, and those of people around me, maybe it’s all that and more.

For so many reasons, there are times when the inner waters get muddied, when we are left with hurt, disappointment, unresolved situations, when we find ourselves in unfavorable conditions in which we, still, must act, must take a step forward, even

Sitting with all this, asking the questions, what if, even with all this, I still TRUSTED that ALL THIS was perfect? That things were unfolding EXACTLY as they should be for the perfect and necessary evolution of my soul? How would that change my experience?

In that very moment, I spontaneously took a deep breath. My jaw released. My shoulders relaxed. I looked up and and felt caressed by the warm summer air, I felt the sun on my skin, I heard the crickets and the birdsong. The present moment rolled out the red carpet for me. All was exactly as it should be on a mid-August afternoon.

To welcome the quiet, abiding joy that tinges life with sweetness,
That reminds us of the underlying perfection among the muddy waters of unresolved situations,
That infuses our challenges with allowing, acceptance, and contentment,
That restores our trust,
THIS is why we practice.

Next week, we’ll be doing just that. Late summer is the IDEAL time for this. The light, the air, all of nature seems to conspire at this time of year to turn our attention toward the inner fullness, the ever-present underlying ground of our being. If you know it’s time, I’d be honored to have you join us.

Message me for details.


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