🐚What are Principles For An Enlightened Practice?🐚

Dec 04, 2018

👉🏼Beginning today and for the next few weeks I'll be sharing snippets of what you'll find in each the chapters of my forthcoming book, "Evolving Your Yoga: Ten Principles for Enlightened Practice."👈🏼


Many of us who've been practicing yoga for a while know without a doubt that yoga helps us in our lives. We feel better in our bodies, clearer in our minds, more in touch with our emotions; we’re better equipped to handle stress, and we function more capably in all areas of our lives as a result of our practice.

Yet we may not know exactly how yoga does this, or why yoga works not just physically and mentally, but on all levels of our being.

In looking at both my own experience of evolution on the path of yoga and what I’ve observed in working with thousands of students over the years, I wondered:

➡️ What are the underlying beliefs that have allowed asana to become part of our path of inner discovery and positive shift?

➡️ What recurring themes form the underpinning of our asana practice as a means of expansive self-development and personal growth?

➡️ What teachings have been instrumental in bringing asana practice into the realm of a spiritual practice?
What I now call “Principles for an Enlightened Practice” arose from these inquiries into my experience as a student and teacher.

The principles I outline in this book are intended to illuminate and enrich your yoga by providing a solid foundation that will allow your practice to become deeper and richer than ever before, to empower you with approaches that will enable your practices to unfold as a journey of expansive self-discovery and inner growth.

➡️ Which of these questions do you believe will be most powerful for evolving YOUR yoga in 2019?

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