Vibrant Vitality

May 13, 2020


As luck would have it, it’s a good day for me to write about the quality of vitality. 
Why? Not to make anyone jealous, but I slept about 10 hours last night. There’s nothing like a good night’s rest to help us feel re-vitalized. Believe me, I’m grateful for it. A good night’s sleep can be hard to come by these days. I wonder why?
The quality of vitality – vibrancy, liveliness, and exuberance – is a support, almost a prerequisite, to all the other virtues. 
When I feel tired, lazy, and drained it’s harder to be kind, generous, patient, and compassionate. Without vitality, all the other virtues feel like more of an effort.
Conversely, when I’m rested and my energy is restored, all the other qualities seem to come much more naturally. 
Plain and simple, vitality makes life better. It allows me to do my best to make others’ lives better as well.

But it’s definitely something that takes effort. Especially right now, feeling vital can seem like more of a luxury than a given. So let's focus on amping up our vitality today, whatever your night was like, wherever your starting point.
What can you do today to cultivate vitality? (Hint: Fresh air, fresh food, movement are all good starting points.)

How does vitality act as a support to showing up for yourself and others in the way you wish?

How does vitality help you to cultivate and express other virtues?

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