💛 Value Creates Value 💛

Mar 09, 2018


A recent New York Times article pointed out how convenience has become a major driving force in our consumer economy. Our choices in the marketplace consistently demonstrate this. We’d rather use something easy and simple (Netflix) over something cheap (network television). 

Furthermore, because of economies of scale and the power of our buying habits, convenience begets greater convenience. The more we buy from Amazon, the more powerful it becomes, and therefore it can make itself even more efficient and easier to use, which leads us to value it even more.

I believe a similar dynamic is at work in yoga, though its about benefit and importance, rather than convenience. 

The more we value our yoga, the more valuable our yoga it becomes.

For the casual, once-in-a-while practitioner, the benefits of yoga are likewise casual, easily replaced by a different kind of workout or another self-help method.

But for the committed practitioner, one who places a premium on practice time, on learning from seasoned teachers, on dipping into the wisdom of the tradition regularly, a whole new level of benefit ensues. Practice becomes rich, deeply nourishing and rewarding. This, of course, strengthens our commitment to practice.

We start to schedule and prioritize practice times as sacred appointment with ourselves. We sit for meditation even when it means taking time out of a busy day. We stay the course when practice feels boring or lackluster. This leads to greater, more palpable and lasting benefits. A lovely feedback loop results that strengthen, deepen and expand the ways in which yoga serves us in our lives over time.

I've created a new online program to explore some of the approaches to practice that have helped me to treasure, and, in turn, extract the enormous value from yoga for the past 25 years. Truly, these are some of the KEY understandings that have worked for me and continue to support me in every area of my life. I can’t wait to share this with you!


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