The Work of Optimism

May 28, 2020


My word today is hope. There are many issues that need my hope today, many things that have me concerned, worried, even up in arms.

Those feelings are all there. And, yet, what I keep coming back to is that I can choose to cultivate how I wish to respond. I can choose the colour with which I want to paint the landscape of my mind.

Choosing hope doesn’t replace the need for concrete action, of course. Rather, I experience it as the fuel for conscious and purposeful action. It recharges me and allows me to move forward with vision, intentionality, and integrity. 

One of the greatest boons of our practices is that we gain freedom beyond the ups and downs of our minds. It's work though, it doesn't just happen, we have to make it happen.

Optimism, trust, hope, positivity - these are all choices we make, but let's not forget that they also have to be back up by effort.

Where are you directing your efforts today?

How are you colouring the landscape of your mind?


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