The Wisdom of Not Knowing

Sep 01, 2021


"May I not be limited by what I think I know."

This is a prayer I often make at the start of my yoga practice.

It expresses my desire to be open, to receive, and to grow beyond (and sometimes despite) my assumptions, biases, and expectations.

A willingness to learn, question, and try things out are part of fulfilling this intention. Ultimately, I think the seasoned student approaches everything about yoga not as a subject to be mastered in a given number of classes or training hours, but as a lifelong path of growth and self-discovery. This is what keeps your studentship and your practice vibrant.

In over 25 years of sharing yoga, I haven't always felt like I was a skilled teacher. But because of the nature of my engagement with yoga, even when I've doubted my abilities as a teacher, I have always had faith in my abilities as a student.

Owning your skills and gifts to step forward with confidence while also being humble and wise enough to know that there will always be more to learn is a sign of spiritual maturity in my book. How could this dual stance serve you in your life?    



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