The Real "Every Damn Day" Work of the Yogi

Nov 03, 2021


Confidence: Certitude, self-assurance, reliance on one’s own resources and powers, trust, firm conviction, sureness.
In the new course on Nondual Tantra that I'm co-teaching, I was reminded of where true confidence comes from: The remembrance of our innate fullness, wholeness, and perfection. 

Just like a flower can’t be separated from its fragrance or the sun can’t be separated from its rays, this tradition teaches that this fullness can never be taken away from us because it’s who we are at our essence.

Anything else – all our smallness, insecurity, and self-doubt – is considered a state of forgetfulness.

Not that the forgetting doesn’t feel real, not that we don’t experience it as a kind of truth, we do. In all kinds of ways, it feels real for us.
This is why our biggest daily task is to remember.

In my experience, this is the “every-damn-day” work of the yogi. It's the work of using your practice to clear away the layers that veil your true power. It’s making your way back, again and again, to that deep sense of okayness that’s independent of any of the limited ways you might define yourself.

From this remembrance comes a sense of self-reliance and confidence that isn’t based on ego, or things going right, or the approval of others. It is the self-trust and conviction that comes from acknowledging the truth of who you are at your very core.



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