The Joy Of Being A Yoga Well-Wisher

Mar 11, 2019

This weekend in St. Jon’s reminded me of just how much I love and appreciate local yoga communities.

When teachers create the space and time to gather around practice, not business,

Counting breaths, not hours,
Communicating with thoughtfulness, respect, and good will,
Sharing with authenticity, and not a drop of pretense,
Listening with openness, not judgment.

We’re grateful for every moment we have together, for we know how rare it is to be a room like this and to be in each others’ good company,

And, how important it is to nourish ourselves so we can feed others.

To serve our own longings, so we can be of service.
I believe this kind of connection is essential for longevity in practice and in teaching. The opportunity to be in authentic connection, to be well-wishers for others on the path, to find comfort in giving and receiving support. To find resilience in practice, inquiry, and sharing. To know that there are others working quietly, constantly, with integrity and dedication.

Deepening our experience of yoga in community is precious, and rare.

I also acknowledge that it’s not all good all the time. Stuff comes up. Believe me, I know first hand that every local yoga community has its issues that need to be addressed, behaviors that need to be called out and examined.

Yet, I also firmly believe in the importance of not only addressing what’s NOT working, but in celebrating and amplifying what IS working.

Authentic, respectful connection - I believe it’s the best of what yoga has to offer us. It’s something I treasure and am committed to supporting.

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