💙 The Blueberry Revelation 💙

Aug 20, 2018

These Lac St-Jean wild blueberries, as any good Quebecer will tell you, are simply the best in the world. Sweet, flavorful, juicy, available only for a few short weeks a year, they are the textbook definition of a PERFECT blueberry IMHO. 

I’ve been snacking often on them as I’ve been planning for my 5-day women’s retreat next week. The other day, it hit me: this is the first ever Evolving Your Yoga retreat. 

As many of you know, I’ve been working on a book about deepening yoga practice for the past several years. It’s soon coming to fruition, so it made total sense when I realized (duh! of course) that this will be the first in-depth event where I’ll be guiding teachers into exploring the content of my book in their practice and teaching, on the mat and beyond the mat. 

It’s like that moment where you’re in a workshop and through skilled sequencing and instruction the teacher leads you, almost unknowingly, into a place you’ve never been before. And you realize you’re just there, in a pose you’ve never done before, or avoided, or were sacred of, or didn’t know how to approach. You just find yourself in it. It was kind of the same feeling yesterday. 

I’ve been so immersed in the journey, it took a moment, and some blueberries, to realize what I’m doing is actually part of arriving at my destination. Pretty cool.

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