Stress & Ease

Apr 28, 2021


In their own ways, stress and ease are both necessary for our well being.  
Some degree of tension is beneficial and needed. The right kinds and amounts of stress bolster your immune system, make your mind sharper, and keep your bones, joints, and muscles strong and resilient.
As we know, however, too much stress becomes a compressive, constrictive, and counterproductive force on these very same levels.
Ease, on the other hand, is also important. In the right doses, it helps you feel in the flow, calm, measured, and relaxed.
Too much, though, and we become lazy, complacent, and maybe even bored.

For those of us who seek to live a productive and purposeful life, the balance of stress and ease is a moving target.

Part of assessing this balance lies in knowing how much stress is beneficial for you to stay motivated without life feeling difficult?

And, how much ease is needed to feel comfortable and relaxed without feeling indulgent and restless?

How are the scales of stress and ease tipped for you today? How can you use your practices to bring you closer to the balance between the two?



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