Dec 29, 2021


What I needed this morning is always what I need after a few days of holiday – the time and space to come back to myself and draw back into my inner life. 
For me, this comes through silent reflection and writing.
I was only too happy to wake up (no alarm clock) before anyone else in the house, to sit and journal about what I want to remember as I head into 2022 (it’s a fruitful journaling prompt if you’re so inclined.)
Some would call this “me time,” but it’s more than that.
It’s a way of resetting, recalibrating, and regrouping.
Quietude is what allows us to return to ourselves and re-establish the spacious perspective that allows us to see our lives and grasp the deeper order at work with greater clarity. 

Over time, this process of returning becomes more than just a nice thing to do for yourself, it becomes an anchor that tethers you to what’s most essential.

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