Restoring Our Light

Nov 11, 2020


As we lead up to Diwali this week, the Hindu celebration of light, I’m thinking about the triumph of light over darkness. Diwali is a celebration not only of light, but of abundance of all kinds, of the restoration of dharma, or righteousness. 

Of course, this is not the task of one day or even one lifetime, right? It's ongoing.

As yogis, we play an active and deliberate role in this work. We take on the auspicious responsibility of aligning and re-aligning with our inner light. This light is the essential goodness that yoga teaches shines bright within each and every human heart (even though it can be so thoroughly forgotten, or buried beneath such pain, separation, disconnection, and darkness that it appears to be missing.)

More than just fostering this connection, we are also charged with sharing our light, with allowing our goodness to reflect outward into our world through our words, thoughts, and deeds.

There’s a sequence to this, of course. You can’t give what you haven’t got. You have to kindle your own light before you can share it with others.

It’s the perfect time to do just that. Dedicate some space to the restoration of your light. Celebrate, within your very own being, the triumphant nature of that reunion.


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