Renew, Renew, Renew

Jul 08, 2021


A few months ago, I was invited by a media outlet to share an excerpt from my book that I felt was particularly fitting for this time. There were several that felt pertinent, but none more so than Chapter 9: Renew Yourself.

After what we’ve lived through over the past year and a half, renewal is so important right now, both for yourself and others. Even as (or maybe because) many parts of the world are starting to open, you might feel understandably confused, challenged, or just plain tired.  

It's time to remember what you’ve been learning and hearing in yoga for years, maybe even decades: The only true and lasting source of renewal is found right inside yourself.

It doesn’t need to be through restorative yoga, per se. It doesn’t even need to be through a formal practice. There are so many ways to touch the space of renewal.

Being in nature, cooking, gardening, being with your pets or plants, being in community, being in silence, walking, running, any movement practice, uplifting reading, learning something new, making art, appreciating art.

However you’re drawn to doing it, now's the time to forge a new and deeper connection with the renewing power of spirit that’s alive within you, as you, and for you.

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