Peace is Every Step

Oct 08, 2020


Do you remember when you first got lit up about yoga as something more than a physical pursuit? Do you recall what it felt like when the tender shoots of self-awareness first sprouted within you? 

It’s mysterious, isn’t it? Somehow the switch gets flicked on and we get interested in our our inner life.
The very first “spiritual” book I ever read was Peace is Every Step by the Vietnamese Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh. I’m honouring him today because by all reports, he will soon be leaving his body. At 94, his was the definition of a life well lived in my book.
When I picked up that book almost 30 years ago, I wouldn't have called myself a seeker though I was definitely looking for something. His sweet and simple lessons about mindfulness opened up a world of possibility for me, one where happiness and contentment could be cultivated from within. 
Recalling it now, I'm reminded of the precious beginnings of my yogic path, the initial longing that sparked a lifelong inquiry into myself and what really matters.

Remembering back to the early teachings that touched and inspired you to live a more conscious life are landmarks to be honoured. And they can still bring you meaningful guidance.

The astounding thing about the teachings is that they are alive. True knowledge always meet us where we are and in the way we can best receive it. Therefore, our experience of it is never quite the same.
Take some time today to reignite your love for yoga by revisiting the sacred wisdom that has shifted you. How does it hold true for you today? Allow yourself to be inspired once again by a new facet of understanding waiting to unfold.


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