On Becoming a Powerful Person

Dec 05, 2019


The challenge of stepping fully into our personal power is one I know a lot about. It’s one that’s been a defining theme of my yoga journey, actually.

You see, power is not something that’s important to me. At all. 
As a double Libra, my nature is the airiest of the air. I’m all about harmony, beauty, peace, and justice. I want everyone to be happy. Power just doesn’t interest me very much.

As a young person, I was known to be wishy-washy. It felt natural for me to subdue my will, to not take a stand for the sake of

Being nice,
Keeping the peace,
Wanting to please,
Fitting in,
Not making waves,
Or ruffling any feathers.
It’s been yoga, being a teacher, that’s changed all that in surprising ways.

Because being a teacher is an inherently powerful position. As a teacher, you have to be directive in order to do your job. You must take a stand. You have to know where you want your students to go in order to best serve them. You simply can’t be an effective teacher without being comfortable in the seat of power.

Initially, this felt VERY uncomfortable and scary, even unattainable. It seemed to confront all my basic tendencies.

The shift for me came when I realized that personal power in yoga is not garnered for the sake of puffing up our egos, but rather, to allow us to fully serve. And being of service, not power, is what truly motivates me.

When I realized that stepping into my power was a prerequisite for being able to offer something valuable to the world, that it was necessary in order to fulfill what I knew was my calling, well, that changed everything. 
It gave me a meaningful (and benevolent) framework to become a powerful person, one that continues to motivate me today.

Owning our personal power is necessary for stepping into who we are and what we are meant to offer the world.

=> How does this view of power resonate for you?

=> Where in your life have you been called to step into your power in ways that might have felt uncomfortable or scary?

=> How did it feel on the other side of that discomfort or fear?


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