Never Underestimate the Power of Being Nice

Apr 30, 2020


Have you heard about doctors now actually needing to remind patients to put on pants when they show up for their virtual visits?
Oy. In times like this, it’s easy to let things go. Simple politeness and niceness included. At this point, we might all be feeling a little raw and rough around the edges. But let’s not forget the simple power of just being a nice person.
I remember once sitting next to the actor Danny Glover on a plane. I was surprised at how genuinely nice he was. Kind, respectful, human.

I’ve always been most impressed when those in the public eye, with power to be less than nice, are just really nice.  
Niceness feels good. It conveys respect and consideration. While it might seem superficial, consider how niceness, politeness, and friendliness express the fundamental yogic value that every human is inherently worthy of love and respect. 
And right now, with so many people on edge, just being nice might even restore our faith in humanity. These days, it’s worth remembering that a little niceness can go a long way.​

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