Moon Lessons

May 26, 2021


I wrote this week's post under the full moon light. Brilliant and bright, casting shadows of tall trees onto the fields around my house, it was magnificent. 

The moon, of course, holds such significance on the path of yoga.

The full moon, purnima in Sanskrit, is a symbol of the fullness of our inner selves. It reminds us of the perfection that lies within each human being, even when it gets obscured or partially hidden from our view. 

Isn't it true that the moon is always full even when it's not shining in our own backyard?

But here's the biggest lesson I took from the moon this morning:

The way the moonlight illumines the night sky, as if with the softness of a feather and the gentleness of a whisper, teaches me something important about how I can approach shining a light on my own darkness.

Viewing my shortcomings with honesty, owning up to my mistakes, recognizing where my actions or words have contributed to division or hurt - in other words, allowing myself to be human - can be a gentle and gracious endeavor.

Illuminating our shadowy places doesn't have to be harsh, punitive, or even shameful.

The light of the full moon this morning reminds me that it can be spacious, sweet, and even beautiful to bring our darkness into the light.



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