Meeting the Moment

Oct 29, 2020


Here’s the funniest thing I read online today:

“I wish I could be the person I thought I was when I bought all this produce.”
Ain’t it the truth? 

I could substitute the end of that sentence for…

…When I had that incredibly peaceful meditation
…When I balanced in handstand in the middle of the room longer than ever before
…When I did that deep backbend
…When I had that sublime Savasana.
Sure, it’s important to remember our peak experiences in yoga, to strive to bring inner peace, calm, and strength, to all we do.
But life has a way of derailing those sublime states, doesn’t it?
The truth is, life is full of less-than-perfect conditions. I (dare I say “we”) are full of less-than-perfect thoughts and habits.
So, here are the questions I’m asking myself today:

Can we accept the moment as it presents itself to us without resistance?

Can we show up for our less-than-perfect lives with kindness and presence?

Can we treat our less-than-perfect selves with compassion?
If our yoga helps us to simply meet the moment as it is, if it allows us to respond consciously, from a place of OUR choosing, I think it’s working. In fact, I think it’s the ONLY way it works.
How does this resonate for you?​


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