Meaning is Where You Make it

Jan 07, 2021


A double rainbow can be a harbinger of hope, a symbol of transformation, and a sign of good luck. Or it can simply be a cool phenomenon where the light is reflected twice in the raindrops so you see two different reflections, coming from different angles.

The point is that meaning is where you make it. And the meaning we assign to events goes a long way toward determining our experience.

One thing we know about what makes some people more resilient than others is that the ability to find meaning in adversity partly determines how we fare following that adversity. 

Those who were able to find meaning in life despite the atrocities of the Holocaust, for instance, ended up being much more resilient and able to cope on the other side.

Likewise, the significance of this moment in time is up to us.

Whether we find meaning in what we are living through, and what that meaning is – both collectively and individually - will determine not only how we use this time, but also how it impacts us. 

Furthermore, whatever meaning we find will influence how we emerge from this era. It will inform how we grow and evolve (or not) as a result of our experience. 

This is why it’s so vital right now to step back and observe the world, to watch ourselves, and to witness what’s going on around us from a broad and spaciousness perspective. And, to take hold of the understandings and perspectives that resonate with us to determine how we make sense of this time for ourselves.

What are the perspectives that ring true for you these days? Where are you finding meaning? 


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