Making Peace with What Was

Dec 12, 2019


One of the steps toward turning the page and beginning the new year on the highest note possible is reflecting on the year that's passed.

This includes looking back on your blessings, your challenges, your accomplishments, and all the things that were not accomplished too.

Today, I invite you to turn the energy of peace we love to talk about at this time year inward, toward coming to terms with all that is left unfinished in your world, to make peace with all that remains unaccomplished and unresolved, all the works-in-progress that you will not see come to fruition in 2019. (Sure, we still have some time so don't limit yourself too much, but do be realistic.)

Reflecting back in this way allows us to release that which might burden us, to let go of that which we might be holding onto, and allow for a fresh, new start in the year ahead.

I invite you to consider:

What unresolved projects, or situations, or even relationships, are you ready to let go of in the coming year?

=> Exhale them out.

What unfinished projects will you continue to move toward and keep going on the year ahead?

=> Find the perfection in all the works-in-progress as they are, and as you are, right now.

I’d love to know how it goes

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