Like a Plant Being Watered

Aug 13, 2020


True confession: House plants are not known to thrive under my watch. In fact, I'm looking at one right now badly in need of water. Like, really badly. I'll get to it right after I write this, I promise.

But the sight of that thirsty plant reminded me of an experience I've often had in yoga. In fact, its one I'm having this week as I get back into a more regular routine after our family vacation.

Practice, my morning contemplation, meditation, silence - I feel like a plant being watered. It's only now that I notice how parched and dry I was, actually. Everything was fine, I was fine. But what a difference after three straight days of focused asana and getting back into my morning routine. Ahh the feeling of renewed vitality, clarity, and nourishment that comes with the practices.

How do the practices nourish you? What can you do today to water the soil of your inner being? To quench the thirst of your spirit?


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