Life Moving Through

May 24, 2023

I spent a good part of the weekend listening to birds, something that never fails to uplift and encourage me. (I realize that for non-birdwatching folks, few things are more boring than reading a list of birds, but for the record, I identified five new ones this weekend, including a Bobolink, a Downy Woodpecker, and a Kildeer!)
I love the intricacy of their songs and calls. It’s as if each note carries a resolute optimism, persisting with unwavering determination. Yet, beneath it all lies the most profound revelation of all— the awareness of the energy of life, unhindered and effortless, coursing through their beings.
And, of course, it’s not just birds that reveal this pure power of life.  It’s in the tender verdancy of new leaves, in the abundance of grasses and flowers, and in the buzzing of insects. In every nook and cranny of the natural world, we can observe this power taking form and moving through life in all its wondrous diversity. 
The Nondual Tantric tradition recognizes a singular, creative, and  emergent energy, known as Shakti, that expresses itself as the grand tapestry of existence, as well as our capacity to witness and be moved by it. 
Developing the presence of mind to sense the vibrancy of life moving through you is a wonderful intention for a yoga practice. In doing so, you can forge a deeper connection with your inner being, loosen your grip on the many things you can’t control, and find solace in remembering that ultimately, it’s this bigger energy that governs all. 
It’s freeing to realize that our effort in practice doesn’t have to be about making something happen or achieving a particular pose or outcome. It can be more about embracing sensitivity, listening intently, and surrendering ourselves to the unfolding of what is.
Remembering that we are enlivened by a power greater than our individual effort, while also opening to that power, can generate an empowering mix of humility and courage. It can move us into the space of possibility, where something new can emerge. 
We can see our practice as aligning us with the profound intelligence that underlies all life. In this context, the body-mind becomes a sacred vessel through which this power can express itself, like those avian melodies, in all its complexity and magnificence.

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