In Praise of Ordinary

Jun 09, 2021


You know that feeling of recovering after you’ve been sick, when you wake up and finally feel “normal” again? And you’re just so darn grateful simply to have your energy back and be able to go about your day as usual?
That’s what it feels like in our town this week as restaurants finally open for in-person dining, summer activities are being planned, and my daughter no longer has to wear a mask all day at school.
While I know this isn’t the case for everyone, life in our little corner of the world is starting to feel normal again, which in itself is a cause for celebration.

The joy of gathering with friends, hugging loved ones, and being part of community life all feels pretty extraordinary right now. I hope we can hold onto that sense of appreciation when we all get to the other side of this pandemic.
Being grateful for the ordinary is a great practice because it helps us to recognize that the ordinary is, in fact, anything but.




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