Imagine Living Like That

Sep 08, 2021


Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is.

- Albert Camus, French philosopher

We've turned the corner into September and there's no looking back. As you head into the rhythm of Autumn, it’s a perfect time to renew your sense of purpose. What fuels you? What keeps you focused, motivated, and enthusiastic? What helps you maintain a healthy perspective?

I contemplated these questions over the Labor Day weekend. I sat in my favorite spot, on a large rock in the middle of a mountain stream and considered my purpose for my work and practice this season. A lot came to me, including this: 

Dharma, sacred purpose, is everywhere in nature. 

The dharma of a stream is to flow.

The dharma of a plant is to grow.

The dharma of the sun is to shine.

There's no questioning, doubting, or resistance in how animals and the elements of the natural world fulfill their dharma. They simply do what they are meant to do.

Imagine living like that.

You’d be fearless, perfectly aligned, and full of conviction, right?

You’d be unstoppable like the flow of a mountain stream, tenacious like a plant breaking through the concrete, and as determined as like the sun shining brightly behind even the cloudiest of skies.

There would be no self-doubt, indecision, or overthinking, just playing your part, doing what you know you is needed to uphold your role in this tapestry of life. And you would understand that everything - even the most mundane action - is part of how you fulfill the sacred purpose for your life.



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