🤔 How Does Asana Become a Transformational Practice?🤔

Sep 04, 2018

I used to think my job was about helping people do a better Downward Dog. 
Or helping them to release some of the tension of their day. 
Or teaching them how to breathe more freely.
And, yes, this is all PART of my work. 

Awakening awareness in the body, installing functional patterns of movement and breath, 
Imprinting healthy postural alignment in asana and for the rest of life (because for me, asana has never NOT been about functional movement, but I digress.)

But really, ultimately, what I do is teach people how to use asana as a transformational practice. 
As a gateway into their own personal journey of growth and self-development,
As a path of inner discovery.
As *sadhana*, if you like. 

That’s what asana is and has been for me. And helping others do that? Well, nothing brings me greater satisfaction.

How does it happen? 
How do we go from refining our Downward Dog to gaining insight into into ourselves into learning how to act more skillfully in our lives?

It’s a big, juicy question. One I’m fascinated by and have been for years.

It’s one there are many beautiful answers to also. But here’s one idea:

Through refinement of awareness, 
Through penetrating our physical and energetic selves with consciousness, with our intellect and our breath, 
and (most crucially) with a reflective sensibility, 
with the intention to gain understanding and insight into ourselves in the process.
To use the microcosm of the mat to inform our lives, to live more skillfully, to function more capably in everything we do.
To grow not just in movement, but in heart.

This is the work of the yogi. It’s why our online practice and learning community is called “The Skillful Yogi.” Because we know yoga is about skill in our actions, all of them.

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