From Busy to Full

Dec 08, 2021


In yoga, we recognize that words don't just have power, they are power. In Nondual Tantric philosophy, language is recognized as a form of Shakti, the universal energy of creation. Therefore, language not only describes our reality, but it also impacts (some would even say determines) how we experience it.

As we wind down toward the end of the year, I’m guessing there’s no shortage of things on your to-do list.

On my agenda today is filming a class and a pose tutorial for a media outlet. Tomorrow, I’m delivering a webinar to a group of teachers (more on that below!). Friday, more filming plus phone meetings with students and colleagues. Then, cookie baking and gift buying this weekend.
So, yes, you could say that like many of us, I have a lot going on.

When I shared this recently with a friend, she responded, “Life is full, isn’t it? And fun.”
“Yes!” I thought. 
How wonderfully freeing it was to make that shift in how I describe my to-do list. My week now feels abundant rather than busy. I’m grateful all these opportunities rather than overwhelmed by them.


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