Fresh Brew

Sep 15, 2021


It might be more efficient to make your morning coffee the night before and microwave it when you wake up. But most of us don’t do that because, well, it’s just not the same.
Like your morning beverage, yoga is so much more potent and powerful when it’s served up fresh.
What good is all the information that´s in all those wonderful books you’ve read and notes you've taken if you can’t apply it to your life?
My experience is that yogic knowledge is never a one-and-done affair. It needs to be refreshed, remembered, and re-enlivened so it’s not just something I understood once upon a time but living wisdom that’s available to me in the present moment, where it really counts.
For example, this week I’m going back to exploring the movements of prana in the body in preparation for my Fall Workshop. While this is a concept that I first learned about more than 20 years ago, it feels new in my body and in my awareness this week. And with that newness comes a fresh, lived experience that is supporting me to feel more balanced today.
The best way to keep your yoga fresh so it can serve you in your life is through a regular practice of reflective self-inquiry. If you don’t already have such a practice, you might begin one with this exercise: Revisit a familiar yogic concept that has been meaningful to you. How does it resonate in your experience now? How can you understand or apply it in a new way?

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