Flow, Reimagined

Mar 18, 2021


I stood on a small bridge near my house the other day, focusing on the movement of a freshly defrosted stream flowing beneath me. 

I’ve observed and listened to this particular stream before, but I experienced it differently this time.
Instead of my usual feeling of moving head-on into the flow of the water, I felt the energy of the stream supporting me from behind. 
I imagined myself moving forward like that stream - with grace, tenderness, and the support of the universe at my back.

The feeling of letting go and being gently propelled into the flow was incredibly comforting.
It was a powerful lesson in the value of temporarily releasing everything: our fears, worries, anxieties, and also our ideas, plans, and goals.

In that release, trust emerges.

Trust that we’re supported.
Trust that we’re part of a bigger flow of life.

Trust that when we soften enough and manage to move into harmony with that flow, our own lives feel more manageable.

Since that experience, my breath has served the same function, allowing me to release and flow. 
As we transition, yet again, into new and uncertain territory, perhaps these ideas bring comfort to you like they did to me. 

Like that stream, imagine yourself releasing into trust and flow, with the conviction that you have tremendous support as you move forward. 

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