Fall 2018 Teachers' Retreat Report

Nov 05, 2018

"I love that you opened up your home to receive us and create a safe space for us to share. I have to say that I didn't feel "less than" because I was a new teacher, I love that there was so much respect between all the different levels of experienced and less-experienced teachers. I feel like it is hard to find sometimes."


Boy, don't I know it. Sadly, a community of yoga teachers is NOT always the most welcoming place for a new teacher to be. Our Skillful Yogi Teachers' Retreat on Saturday was, for me, proof that it doesn't have to be that way. That we can reclaim the community and support we need as teachers of yoga.

Beyond the practices we shared, beyond the wisdom we dove into, it was the feeling of simply being together as dedicated students and teachers in an Intimate, small-group learning and practice environment that felt most timely and precious.

Teachers who've been at it for more than a decade sat beside those newly certified without a whiff of pretension or superiority, only respect, generosity and kindness.

This weekend I really got it that THIS is the new culture of yoga teachers we're building over at The Skillful Yogi. It's one marked not by certifications, number of students, or flashy teaching gigs but by dedication, sincerity, integrity and respect.

You can be sure I'll be creating more opportunities for us to be together.

And, I know we're not alone in this. Thank you to ALL the yogis, those within our Skillful Yogi walls and beyond, who continue to quietly, boldly, do the important work of building supportive communities that are dedicated to restoring and sharing your light with the world.


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