Apr 10, 2024

In her post about Monday's eclipse, Vedic Astrologer Marga Laube wrote:

Practicing self-compassion would be a phenomenal way to tend to the swirling energies of this eclipse.

If Monday’s awe-inspiring cosmic dance pause felt powerful and profound, that’s because it was.

Astrological insight can provide valuable context for grasping the magnitude of such a momentous event. Yet, this information alone might not fully equip us to meet the inner intensity it can stir up.

Here’s where self-compassion comes in. Like a mother soothing a restless child, we can learn to meet the whirlwind of our emotions with tenderness and love.  

A yoga practice informed by the wisdom of the heart naturally fosters our capacity to tend to uncomfortable feelings with gentleness and care. We learn to soften into the depth of big emotions and practice moving through them with spaciousness and breath.

On our journey toward wholeness, anchoring our yoga in radical self-compassion is revelatory. It helps us see that on the other side of our pain, within each of us is a loving presence that’s big enough, and strong enough, to hold the fullness of our human experience.

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