Ease, Yes, But Here's How (Some) Online Yoga is Raising The Bar on Practice And Community

Feb 21, 2019

This morning, a fellow yoga teacher posted an article she wrote about how online yoga supports your self-care goals. You know, things like the convenience of being able to do yoga at home (or at the beach, like the student who sent me this photo), the comfort of practicing in your pajamas if you feel like it, the ease of being able to do a class whenever you want, on demand. All valid reasons, of course. Why go to yoga when you can have yoga come to you, right? 

What I realized, as I read her list, is how different our Skillful Yogi online community actually is in the realm of “online yoga.” Actually, we’re much more like an online retreat site than simply an online studio. We’re not merely the easy or more convenient substitute for live yoga. 

In many cases, we’re the option that serves our members BETTER than what’s available to them where they live. Why? Because they’re selective, they know what works for them, and they’re not willing to settle for anything less, online or in-person.

The teachers and continuing students who choose to be part of our collective are not there simply because it is the easiest or most convenient option for them (though it may be that too, like the photo below sent by a member practicing at the beach), No, they’re not with us not simply for the sake of ease and comfort. 

The most important (and dare I say, elevated) reasons our members join is because of the quality of the offering is far and above what they’ve experienced elsewhere. Our content serves them, daily, personally, and exceptionally, often in ways that the in-person community available to them locally does not.

And, while I some of our members choose to supplement their practice with IRL classes (which I wholeheartedly encourage when it works for them), we are decidedly NOT merely a convenient replacement for live classes. 

The Skillful Yogi is where teachers and continuing students come because as one student recently told me, “No one in my neighborhood is actually teaching yoga.” 

What she meant, of course, is that she knows there’s something different out there. She knows that the classes she’s taking are not meeting her needs for yoga as an integrated practice, for intelligent and creative sequencing, for refined instruction, and for personal guidance to go deeper. But she DOES find all of that within our virtual walls.

The Skillful Yogi is, I believe, the premier online yoga experience for lovers of alignment-based asana, consistently grounded in the context of the wisdom teachings of our tradition and integrated into the full spectrum of practices we know as “yoga.” 

If you’re a teacher or continuing student seeking daily, fresh, inspired, personal, responsive support and guidance for your yoga journey, I’d love to share this with you.


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