Being And Becoming: Yoga As a Path Of Transformation

Dec 07, 2018

In theory, at least, it’s easy to understand that yoga is clearly a path of shift and change. A good practice doesn’t leave us quite the way it found us. It’s physically, mentally, and spiritually edifying. 

However, it may be hard to identify and articulate the ways in which we have experienced the transformative power of the practice. 

For students and teachers wishing to expand and deepen their practice, the understanding of how and why yoga works as a path of positive change is crucial.

This is why I felt it was important to delve into the transformative aspect of yoga, and specifically to examine how shift happens in yoga, why it happens, and of course, to what end.

Here's an excerpt from Chapter 3 of "Evolving Your Yoga: Ten Principles for Enlightened Practice":

"Some teachers will tell you that yoga is not a path toward a goal, but that it is simply about being present to what is. 

I partially agree with this. Certainly, yoga is a way of being with ourselves, a practice of inner attention, a way of seeing and responding to ‘what is’ with a stance of compassion and unconditional self-acceptance. 

But it’s not only that. 

Yoga is also a process of becoming. It is a path we travel. Yoga sets us on a clear trajectory toward inner expansion, greater freedom, and greater consciousness in every part of our lives. 

Yoga has always had a goal. And that goal is awakening to the fullness of our inner being and, from that experience, becoming more benevolent human beings."

 As you look back on your yoga life, what shifts have you experienced? 
 How are you different? 
 How are you becoming a nicer person? Kinder? More compassionate? More accepting of yourself and others? 
 How has your life been made richer by your practice?

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