Available for Beauty

May 19, 2021


You know those three "hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil" monkeys? I have an untraditional interpretation for them.

Last night, I went out for a walk at dusk. It was a gorgeous night. The colours of the sunset were spectacular, the light was magical, the birds were singing, the air was fragrant. And yet, I repeatedly caught myself wrapped up in my own mind, completely oblivious to the beauty happening all around me. Not hearing, not seeing, not feeling any of it. What a shame.

Again and again, I had to bring myself out of my thoughts and into the moment. And that was just the first step.

It's one thing to witness and acknowledge a beautiful sky. It's another to really let it in, savor it, and be moved by it.

Being available for beauty is a practice. Wonder takes effort. It doesn't happen automatically.

Today, I invite you to avail yourself of the beauty on offer to you. Practice wonder.


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