A Few Things That Frustrate and, Frankly Baffle me About Mainstream Western Yoga Culture

Feb 27, 2018



You know, little things like how teachers who repeatedly mistreat students and cross ethical boundaries continue to be welcomed to teach places, even when their transgressions are well known. And, how little actual recourse there is for students who have been targets of these transgressions. 

Oh, and also the hypocrisy of an industry that continues to perpetuate unrealistic, and even unhealthy physical ideals for a practice that is essentially about self-honoring and self-acceptance. 

I must say, there are days when all this really gets to me.

But here’s what keeps me loving what I do and feeling truly grateful for the privilege of sharing the wisdom and practices of our yoga: 

- The dozens, maybe even hundreds of dedicated, longtime teachers I know (and countless others I don’t know) who continue to quietly do their thing and offer the gems from their lived wisdom so generously with their communities.

- The e-mails I get from students longing to go deeper into their meditation practice.

- The many stories I’ve heard from longtime yogis about how yoga has saved their lives in so many real and lasting ways.

- How simple, completely low-tech practices that involve only one’s body, breath and awareness can be truly life-changing.


But mostly, it’s this. Being in this place, where I have the honor of engaging with these bright, beautiful souls who have been lit up by this practice. Where I get to answer their thoughtful questions, quench their thirst for learning, and help stoke the fire of their longing. 

This is what keeps me thrilled by what I do. It why I wake up everyday feeling grateful, and deeply honored, to serve. 

It’s the YOGA that excites me. Pure and simple. Beyond the playlists, beyond the bells and whistles, beyond the industry, the accouterments of what we’ve come to think of as the yogic lifestyle. 

If you too are ready to let go of the outer veneer, of what the market tells you your practice should look like, and RECLAIM your passion for YOUR practice, I’m gathering a handful of teachers like you. 

I hope you’ll consider joining us this summer for a 5-day retreat dedicated to a deep exploration of yoga as an integrated practice for your body, for your mind, for your spirit, for your life. 


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