Inspiring Fearlessness

May 21, 2020


On days when fear or anxiety creep in, I often remember the words of a wise teacher who taught: There are only two things that cause fear:

1- You've forgotten the place of fearlessness inside you.

2- You aren't aware of God's help.

(you can replace God with the Universal Self, Spirit, Source or whatever other term you feel comfortable with.)

For me, it's usually a combination of both.

So, one approach to overcoming fear that I find helpful is simply to focus on inspiring fearlessness by remembering these two things. Some ways you might do this are:

Remember instances where the universe completely supported you, and you knew it.

Connect kinesthetically to the feeling of fearlessness inside you, locating it in your body, breathing into it, visualizing it, embodying the posture of fearlessness. (asana is a perfect practice for this.)

Recall your capacity for strength, courage, resilience in the face of fear by thinking of examples from your life.

Formulate a prayer to release whatever is keeping you from experiencing these two truths, and to open the support of the Universal in whatever way you experience it.

How does this resonate for you? What other ways have you found to inspire fearlessness?


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